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A summer of abundant fundraising at Karuna

On Fri, 19 July, 2013 - 09:24
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At last the UK is basking in abundant summer sunshine. Here at Karuna we’re basking in the warm glow of a summer of abundant fundraising.

Since April, Karuna fundraisers have signed up 280 new donors who’ve connected with Karuna’s work through conversations with a Karuna fundraiser they’ve met on their doorstep. And a team of phone fundraisers calling from our London office have inspired 684 Karuna donors to increase their existing donation. In total they will have raised £350,000 over 5-years (the average time a donor gives to Karuna).

They’ve generously decided to give a regular donation or agreed to increase their existing donation to support the work of our grass root partners in India who are working to educate, empower and uplift Dalit and tribal communities in India.

We’d like to thank all the fundraisers who’ve voluntarily given 6 weeks of their time to fundraise for Karuna so far this year. Not to mention the trainers and study leaders who’ve also generously given their time too. Sadhu to you all!

Do check out the video of Dantacitta rapping an ‘Udana of fundraising’ inspired by her practice on the Green Tara ‘Magnificent Seven’ Appeal. It’s a real treat!

And here’s a link to Jenny Roberts’ appeal blog, ‘Notes from an Appealing Buddhist’.

Sanghamani (a fellow fundraiser from the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Appeal) says “Karuna is an amazing force for good in the world and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to do something of such value with 6 weeks of my life.”

We have places for 2 men to join a Karuna Appeal taking place in the beautiful city of Oxford from 31 August to 12 October.

If you too are looking to do something of real value in your life, do get in touch with Bodhiketu – bodhiketu [at] or call the Karuna office on 0207 700 3434.
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