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In the Seen Only the Seen - Photographs by Vidyasiddhi

On Sat, 17 November, 2012 - 07:30
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Windhorse Evolution
Vidyasiddhi has created a fascinating exhibition of photographs titled ‘In the Seen Only the Seen’. It is currently on display where he works, at Windhorse:evolution in Cambridge, UK. All the images can also be viewed online, here and are available to buy as prints. Vidyasiddhi writes of his work:

By really looking, purely and openly, we can move beyond ideas about form, towards the true nature of form, which is emptiness. This is looking as a meditation, used as an approach to the true nature of things.

I make photographs because my eye observes a pattern of shape, colour, light and form, an abstract arrangement, a design. I involve my calculating mind as little as possible. If I can see the world as it is, I may move beyond views of it and find its emptiness. When I am shooting I try to let go of intellectual searching and questioning, and allow the image to come to me, looking with the interest and openness developed in following my breath in meditation. I invite you to do the same. The meaning in my photographs is in the image as it stands, as the eye sees it. Looking for meaning or explanation is no help. There is no subtext, no social observation, story or curiosity I am indicating. Just look.

When we look, there is only the image and us; it is always like that, regardless of what we look at. The rest is our minds trying to find the meaning. But the meaning will come when you are ready for it; the meaning is not for me, as the photographer, to delineate. The meaning is for you, as viewer, to develop in your act of looking openly, and clearly. The pure act of looking will supply the meaning.

If there is any message in my images it is that the reality of things is in the conditions that create them, rather than the things themselves as separate entities; they exist because other things exist. The frame is thrown around the objects to show a particular form of these conditions, to enhance it, to draw out the conditions that existed at that moment.

There are no title cards for the prints. To enhance viewing of the images, I believe it is better for the viewer to be undistracted by information.

All prints are for sale, unframed – Large £40, Small £30. Other sizes are available on request.
Vidyasiddhi 07989 939 699 or vidyasiddhi30 [at]
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