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Sangharakshita's new home - Adhisthana

On Mon, 4 March, 2013 - 12:34
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Last week Triratna News hosted a series of five short videos introducing the new home for Sangharakshita and the wider community and project around him, leading up to the announcement of the new name on the last day of Triratna’s International Order Convention, then in full swing at Bodh Gaya, place of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

We’re delighted to bring you news that it is… ADHISTHANA.

Not only that, Sangharakshita has taken up residence there. Watch him arriving with his companions Paramartha and Vidyaruci to a simple welcome by the resident community on February 24th.

Adhisthana is situated in quiet rural land near the Malvern Hills, south of Birmingham, UK. It will be a centre for the whole Triratna Buddhist Community and Order, a place where people from all over the world will meet, study and practice together, sometimes in small retreats, sometimes in large numbers. It will be a place where people can visit to connect with Sangharakshita and what he represents, a permanent home for his library and archives, his images and thankhas, and in time, his final resting-place.

Its official opening will be in the first week of August. 3rd August sees a Dedication Ceremony for the Order with another, for the Movement, on 4th. You are all invited! More details available soon from their new website

Adhisthana is a powerful word in Buddhist discourse. Here’s how it’s explained on their website:
“From its literal meaning of a site, residence, or position, the word ‘Adhisthana’ is then applied to the power pertaining to such a position. It can therefore mean the power which belongs to divine forms, and in this sense comes near to the conception of ‘grace’. It can also refer to the power that is experienced in meditation or through the recitation of mantras. In that it may be transmitted by a spiritual teacher to his disciples, it may also be translated as ‘blessing’…”

The full correct spelling, including diacritics, is “Adhiṣṭhāna” (dots under the s and t, long second a), pronounced “ad ish taana” with an aspirated d and t.

We wish Sangharakshita well in his new home. Sadhu!

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