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Sangharakshita’s diary, May 2013

On Sat, 25 May, 2013 - 05:45
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This month Ashvajit writes for the first time with a round-up of Sangharakshita’s health and activities during the past month, following his recent move to Adhisthana, his new home and headquarters near Malvern in the UK. He says -

“The past month has seen Vidyaruchi depart both in his capacity as Bhante’s Secretary and as resident of Adhisthana. Bhante has appreciated both his secretarial work over several years and his service as lunchtime cook, and wishes him well in his next venture. Bhante’s health continues to be variable, but continues a slow upward trend, with increasing periods of wakefulness and interest in his correspondence. He takes regular exercise by walking up and down periodically in the ‘Urgyen Annexe’ at Adhisthana.

Meanwhile the sudden access of summery weather has come and gone, one hopes temporarily, and noises of building are gradually subsiding as the work at Adhisthana draws slowly but surely towards a conclusion. I, together with Buddhadasa as assistant secretary, have taken over from Vidyaruchi, while I prepare Bhante’s lunches.

Bhante is still unable to see people as he did previously, but has had the pleasure recently of seeing just a few old friends for a few minutes when they visited Adhisthana.”.

Meanwhile, at Adhisthana, work is progressing rapidly as they work towards the grand opening in early August. Check the photos for a sense of the task they face!

PS - our apologies for inadvertently publishing, in a previous version of this post, a report on Bhante’s activities from 2012.

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