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Sangharakshita's Diary, February 2013

On Sun, 24 February, 2013 - 05:58
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Vidyaruchi writes with his usual monthly roundup of Sangharakshita’s news - this month sadly blighted by insomnia. He says - “I regret having to be the bearer of the tidings that for Bhante the last month has been dominated by the experience of insomnia and the effects of insomnia. Though not yet reaching the extent of the worst times during his annus horribilis of 2003 (as described in the third of the ‘Reveries and Reminiscences’ - available on Bhante’s website), it has nonetheless been unpleasant enough, and has necessitated the almost complete cessation of the visitors that usually give Bhante so much enjoyment.

Other than the members of the Madhyamaloka community, the only person Bhante has been seeing is Rosi, his acupuncturist, whose twice-weekly treatments he feels help him a lot. On days when he has slept better, he manages to write the odd email, and dips into Shabda; and he still tries to have a walk when the weather allows this. Otherwise, plenty of rest, low input, and quiet companionship is the order of the day.

We are now only weeks away from the move, and I am sure you will all join us in hoping that once this is achieved Bhante’s sleep will stabilize and he will soon be back to his old self.”

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be bringing you five short videos introducing his new home - and, at the end of the week, its new name…
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