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Sangharakshita's Diary; February 2012

On Sun, 11 March, 2012 - 05:38
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Vidyaruchi, Sangharakshita’s secretary, writes with his monthly update on some of Sangharakshita’s activities over the last month, saying - “The end of January saw the completion of Bhante’s ‘Reveries and Reminiscences VII’, which indeed was the longest of the series so far, and on the subject of his five literary heroes. The other literary project of the moment is the checking of Living Wisely, which, like Living Ethically before it, is based on transcripts of a seminar Bhante conducted on Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland, and which has been edited for book form by Vidyadevi. This work was interrupted by my going on retreat, which gave Bhante a quiet week and a relative holiday from correspondence. Other than this, there has been no disruption to the usual routine, except a few days in which a layer of snow made the paths of the Madhyamaloka garden too treacherous for the daily walk. Bhante has continued receiving visitors most days, including a group of women from Triratna’s Brixton Sangha who came with Amarapuspa. Meanwhile, the Sangharakshita Land Project search turns its gaze northwards, and Bhante waits patiently to see what will turn up. Kalyanaprabha is continuing work on the Order Library, and has now nearly finished the cataloguing of Bhante’s many books.

The audio book service has provided several choice offerings, including Simone de Beauvoir by Judith Okely, a critical study of the life and work of the famous feminist, from which she emerges as a not very likable person; Some Desperate Glory by Edwin Campion Vaughan, a vivid account of the horrors of life in the trenches during the First World War; and My Lucky Life in War, Revolution and Diplomacy by Sam Falle, which Bhante found well written and interesting.

The only health news, apart from a routine blood test and prescription review at the local surgery, is that Bhante went for a check up following on from his cataract operation. According to the consultant the eye had ‘healed beautifully’. Lastly, I am pleased to add that since the beginning of the year Bhante has been practising veganism, having been ‘convinced by the arguments’ expressed in Shabda and elsewhere”. Vidyaruchi.

You’ll find past ‘Reveries and Reminiscences’ on Sangharakshita’s website; and details of the Sangharakshita Land Project here. And ‘Buddhism on a Plate’ a recent essay by Samacitta summarising the arguments in favour of veganism, is available on Triratna News.

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