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Sangharakshita visits his new home - Coddington Court

On Tue, 2 October, 2012 - 05:36
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Singhamanas writes from the Sangharakshita Land Project with news of a video showing Sangharakshita visiting his new home - Coddington Court - for the first time. He says - “On Tuesday the 25th September 2012, Sangharakshita took his first steps on the site that will be his new home and future resting place. This historic occasion was caught on film, so please enjoy some footage from that historic occasion in the accompanying video…”

In the midst of a rainy week here in England, we were fortunate that, as Bhante put it, the Gods blessed us with a few hours of dappled sunshine for the duration of the brief, but significant, visit.

Sangharakshita was pleased by the site, commenting immediately on how preciously quiet the environment was, and then inquiring from Ratnadharini, already resident on site, if she had, perchance, noticed any ghosts in the vicinity.

Whist at Coddington Court, Sangharakshita focused his attention on the available building spaces, with a eye to finding a suitable dwelling for himself within the complex, as he hopes to move within a matter of months.

Beyond this, Bhante was keen to take in views of the surrounding Malvern country-side from the car to and from Coddington, and he has also been refreshing his memory of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and John Masefield - poets who both passed idyllic childhoods in the area”.

For more details of the new property please see the previous Triratna News story announcing the purchase of Coddington Court.
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