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Outreach Chronicles in Birmingham

On Sun, 14 July, 2013 - 06:00
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Triratna’s Birmingham Buddhist Centre sits in the middle of a cluster of smaller towns and cities in the UK’s Midlands - Wolverhampton, Redditch, Warwick, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield… And now they’ve got their own Buddhist ‘outreach’ worker, in the form of Dharmashalin. A local Mitra led the fundraising, he concluded that the best contribution he could make was to stay in his well-paid job and support someone else to go out and teach. And so he did!

Dharmashalin says - “Buddhist values and meditation has changed my life and I very happy to be working to communicate them to others. I am specifically trying to share these teachings with those who might not come to this Buddhist Centre”. Here’s a link to a recent talk he gave when starting the project.

He’s also been experimenting with video blogging with a mixture of practice tips and outreach chronicles. He needs encouragement to keep doing these so knowing people are watching will help! You can comment on any of the videos, or contact him on outreach [at]
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