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Ordinations in India

On Tue, 19 June, 2012 - 10:08
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Amrutdeep writes from India with the excellent news of 26 ordinations into the Triratna Buddhist Order, saying - “The Public Preceptors are pleased to announce that the following men were publicly ordained on Sunday 10th June 2012 at the Saddhamma Pradeep Retreat Centre, Bhaja, India.

1) Public Preceptor Chandrashil
C.B.Tambe becomes Achalketu meaning “Flag of Steadfastness/determination “
Westernized spelling Achalaketu. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

Raju Mangaldarshi becomes Prasannamitra meaning Faithful friend
Private Preceptor Amoghasiddhi

Sukhadev Jadhav becomes Tejkirti meaning Fame of Glory”
Westernized spelling Tejakirti. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

2) Public Preceptor: Amrutdeep
Santosh Tambe becomes Amoghasagar meaning “Ocean of Truth/ Fruitfulness/accomplishment”
Westernized spelling Amoghasagara. Private Preceptor Yashosagar

Anil Tulse becomes Suvidya meaning Having good culture/Knowledge”
Westernized spelling Suvidya. Private Preceptor Ratnashil

Rajendra Pawar becomes Satyaratna meaning Jewel /Gem of Truth”
Westernized spelling Satyaratna. Private Preceptor Yashosagar

Kashinatha Sonawane becomes Maitrivardhan meaning Increaser of Friendship”
Westernized spelling Maitrivardhana. Private Preceptor Ratnashil

Manik Pawar becomes Shildarshi meaning Having insight in to Virtue”
Westernized spelling Shiladarshin. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

Mahadev Pagare becomes Satyavardhan meaning “Increaser of Truth”
Westernized spelling Satyavardhana. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Jaybhim Kamble becomes Punyasagar meaning Ocean of Merit”
Westernized spelling Punyasagara. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

Nagesh Jondhale becomes Maitreyketu meaning Flag /light/ray of Friendship”
Westernized spelling Maitreyaketu. Private Preceptor Yashosagar

Arjunrao Jondhale becomes Amrutchitta meaning Mind of Immortality”
Westernized spelling Amritachitta. Private Preceptor Yashosagar

C.G.Jamdade becomes Achalratna meaning Steadfast Jewel/Gem”
Westernized spelling Achalaratna. Private Preceptor Yashosagar

Govindrao Ujjwale becomes Shantrakshita meaning Protected by peace”
Westernized spelling Shantirakshita. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

3) Public Preceptor Yashosagar
Kamalakar Gaikwad becomes Jnanpalita meaning Guarded by Knowledge”
Westernized spelling Jnanapalita. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Babasaheb Manohar becomes Ratnapalita meaning Protected by (Three) Jewels”
Westernized spelling Ratnapalita. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Rajendra Gopale becomes Kalyandassi meaningHaving insight in to Welfare or Goodness”
Westernized spelling Kalyanadassin. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Dilip Gaikwad becomes Anomkirti meaning Supreme Glory”
Westernized spelling Anomakirti. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Milind Sapkale becomes Vinayruchi meaning Taking delight in discipline or virtue”
Westernized spelling Vinayaruchi. Private Preceptor Ratnashil

Pandit Kamble becomes Vinaydarshi meaning Having insight into discipline”
Westernized spelling Vinayadarshin. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

Shamrao Kamble becomes Ratnavardhan meaning “ Increaser of Jewel like Qualities”
Westernized spelling Ratnavardhana. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Bhaskar Salve becomes Abhayshil meaning Having the fearless nature”
Westernized spelling Abhayashila. Private Preceptor Amrutdeep

Baburao Humbare becomes Abhayketu meaning Flag of Fearlessness”
Westernized spelling Abhayaketu. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

Ashok Meshram becomes Prajnyadity meaning Son of Wisdom”
Westernized spelling Prajnaditya. Private Preceptor Adityabodhi

S.G.Rahate becomes Prabodhchandra meaning Moon of Enlightenment”
Westernized spelling Prabodhachandra. Private Preceptor Jutindhar

Hanumantrao Dhargan becomes Viratdhammo meaning Having the nature of abstaining”
Westernized spelling Viratadhammo. Private Preceptor Jutindhar
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