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Ordinations in Akashavana and Guhyaloka

On Tue, 12 June, 2012 - 11:58
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We’re delighted to announce the ordinations of 9 women and 13 men in Spain, at Triratna’s Akashavana and Guhyaloka retreat centres respectively. Here’s the details:

The following women were ordained at Akashavana retreat centre 11th June 2012:

Public Preceptor Parami:
Ingrid Wiklund-Landin becomes Pavarabodhi (Pali) which means Noble Awakening.
Private Preceptor Taraka

Jo Robinson becomes Shraddhasiddhi which means She whose Accomplishment is Faith.
Private Preceptor Subhadramati

Public Preceptor Padmasuri:
Angela Cameron becomes Candrashri which means Light of the Moon.
Private preceptor Viryaprabha

Heart Vision / Nuria Murcia Pinto becomes Amalasiri (Pali) which means Stainless Radiance.
Private Preceptor Padmaketu.

Jenny Henderson becomes Chittamodani which means She Who Finds Delight In the Mind.
Private Preceptor Vajrapushpa.

Public Preceptor Maitreyi:
Jo Monahan becomes Saddhavati (Pali) which means She Who Has Faith and Confidence.
Private Preceptor Gunasiddhi.

Desiree Woolf becomes Sanghajoti (Pali) which means She Whose Light is the Sangha.
Private Preceptor Vijayasri.

Maryam Zare-Azirani becomes Svadhi which means She Who is Thoughtful.
Private Preceptor Dhammadassin.

Jo Brown becomes Shraddhasara which means She Whose Strength and Power is Her Faith.
Private Preceptor Maitrivajri.

The following men were publicly ordained on Monday 11th June 2012 in Guhyaloka:

Public Preceptor Moksananda
Jesus Marquez becomes Aryavacin (line over the first and last a). A Sanskrit name meaning “He Who Proclaims What Is Noble”.
Westernized spelling Aryavachin, Private Preceptor Satyaraja.

Public Preceptor: Saddhaloka
Sanjiv Joshi becomes Jayabodhi. A Sanskrit name meaning “Victorious Awakening.”
Westernized spelling Jayabodhi, Private Preceptor Amoghavamsa.

Harry Burgess becomes Aryapriya (line over the first a). A Sanskrit name meaning “Lover Of The Noble”.
Westernized spelling Aryapriya, Private Preceptor Satyaraja.

Les McCadden becomes Rijumani (dot under the r, line over the u, dot under the n). A Sanskrit name meaning “Straightforward, Honest and Upright Jewel”.
Westernized spelling Rijumani, Private Preceptor Saddhaloka.

Alasdair Nimmo becomes Priyadasa (line over the last a). A Sanskrit name meaning “Servant Of Kindness”.
Westernized spelling Priyadasa, Private Preceptor Saddhaloka.

James Hepton becomes Visarada. A Pali name meaning Self-possessed, Confident, Knowing How To Conduct Oneself, Skilled, Wise.
Westernized spelling Visarada, Private Preceptor Saddhaloka.

Frank Neidhart becomes Jayasraddha. A Sanskrit name meaning “He Whose Trust/Confidence/Faith (In The Three Jewels) is Victorious”.
Westernized spelling Jayashraddha, Private Preceptor Padmasimha.

Dave Blakemore becomes Kusalamati. A Pali name meaning “He Whose Mind Is Skilful”.
Westernized spelling Kusalamati, Private Preceptor Dharmadipa.

Andy Stretton becomes Suddhadhara (accent over the s). A Sanskrit name meaning “Bearer Of The Pure”.
Westernized spelling Shuddhadhara, Private Preceptor Jnanavaca.

Rupert Rosser becomes Viryasalin (line over the first i, accent over the s, line over the last a). A Sanskrit name meaning “Possessed of Energy”.
Westernized spelling Viryashalin, Private Preceptor Sujana.

Nick Swan becomes Maitrisiddha (line over the second i). A Sanskrit name meaning “He Whose Attainment Is Loving Kindness”.
Westernized spelling Maitrisiddha, Private Preceptor Suriyavamsa

Willy Boyle becomes Kusaladana (line over the third a). A Pali name meaning “He Whose Generosity Is Skilfull And Leads To Well-being”.
Westernized spelling Kusaladana, Private Preceptor Bodhivamsa.

Samuel Rawlings becomes Simhamanas (dot under the first m). A Sanskrit name meaning “He Who Has a Mind Like a Lion”.
Westernized spelling Singhamanas, Private Preceptor Sagaramati.

All Names are in Sanskrit unless otherwise stated.

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