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Ordination ceremonies in India and the USA

On Wed, 20 February, 2013 - 15:13
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17 women have recently been welcomed into the Triratna Buddhist Order, in two recent ordination ceremonies held on almost opposite sides of the world. Karunamaya writes from India, saying - “At the Public Ordination on 27th January at Triratna’s Saddhamma Pradeep Retreat Centre, Bhaja the following women were ordained :-

1. Naina Kasare: from Khed becomes Yashodipa - she who has the lamp of success
2. Shraddha Suhase Dapoli becomes Yashoshri - she who has the pure radiance of success
3. Puja Nanded becomes Danadipa - she who has the lamp of generosity
4. Leela Waghmare from Jalana becomes Sashiprabha - She who has moon light
5. Vimala Wankhede from Jalana becomes Sashirashmi - moon beam
6. Suman Wathore Jalana becomes Sashimani - She who has the moon-like jewel
7. Prathibha Shirke from Ulhasnagar becomes Gunarashi - she who has a heap of virtue
8. Mangala Kamble from Ulhasnagar becomes Gunakirti - she who is renowned for virtue
9. Shila Pagare from Ulhasnagar becomes Gunamati - she who has a mind of virtue
Their Private Preceptor was Jnanasuri and their Public Preceptor Karunamaya.

10. Manda Raipure from Aurangabad but becomes Amitadana - unlimited generosity
11. Leela Ghanbhadur from Aurangabad becomes Aryadana - noble generosity
12. Vijaya Nile from Dhule becomes Achalajoti - immovable light
13. Shobha Magar from Ulhasnagar becomes Danachitta - she who has the mind of generosity
14. Shaila Gunwardhan from Ulhasnagar becomes Punyachitta - she who has the mind of merits (meritorious mind)
15. Lobha Tirpude from Ulhasnagar becomes Shraddhachitta - mind of faith
16. Vaijayantabai Adhav from Ghatkopar, Mumbai becomes Prasannadipa - she who has the lamp of happiness
Their Private Preceptor was Karunamaya and their Public Preceptor Jnanasuri.

While in far-away San Francisco, she who was Dawn Pavli has been ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order as Hridayashri - ‘Radiance of the Heart’. Her Private Preceptor was Suvarnaprabha and her Public Preceptor Karunadevi.

To all, a very hearty SADHU!
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