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Ordination celebrated in New Zealand

On Thu, 18 April, 2013 - 05:29
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Buddhadasa writes from New Zealand to say - “I am delighted to introduce a new Order Member to you: Guy Parsons was privately ordained by Sanjiva while on retreat over the past two weeks, and then publicly ordained on Sunday 7th April at Triratna’s Sudarshanaloka retreat centre, with myself, Buddhadasa as his Public Preceptor. He becomes Nityadana, ‘he who is constantly giving’ ”.

Ratnavuhya fills in a bit more of the detail, saying - “We had a very special celebration today with the public ordination of Nityadana. Nityadana and Sanjiva, who is his private preceptor, had spent the previous two weeks on retreat in one of the solitary huts. There were about 40-50 of us at the public ordination ceremony which was conducted by Buddhadasa. We used the back section of the new retreat centre building, which in time will become the lounge area of our unfolding retreat facility. Unfortunately, I was not one of the official photographers so I have no pictures that I can share with you all. But I did search my archives to find a picture of Nityadana. Afterwards, we all shared lunch down at the house and I thought the homemade panforte was particularly good…”

Sudarshanaloka, meaning ‘Land of Beautiful Vision’, is set in a remote valley high on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand.



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