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News from Windhorse Publications: Sail the Winds!

On Mon, 3 October, 2011 - 06:27
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Priyananda writes from Cambridge UK with news of the latest developments and opportunities at Windhorse Publications, Triratna’s publishing house. He says - “In the weeks leading up to the Triratna 2011 International Urban Retreat, Sailing the Worldly Winds by Vajragupta - our book to accompany the retreat – has been selling very well. You can buy your copy from your local Triratna Centre or online from our website It’s also available to read for free online here. To read a review and find out more, click here. Also, take a look at a video introducing the book here. Nagasuri comments -

‘I came across the Buddha’s teaching of the Eight Worldly Winds about 20 years ago and ever since have applied it in my life with slowly increasing consistency. I have also offered this teaching to others. Now here is a commentary dedicated to the worldly winds which I believe will be a great boon to all practitioners. Sailing the Worldly Winds is a profoundly intelligent and highly practical addition to the commentaries on the Buddha’s teachings. I recommend it wholeheartedly and without reservation.’

Do you love Buddhist books? Then help us make them! A job opportunity has arisen for a full-time Publishing Controller at Windhorse Publications in Cambridge UK. To find out more, click here.

Help us convert our books to eBooks. Windhorse Publications is looking for volunteers to help format its book files for conversion into eBooks. You should have a good knowledge of Microsoft Word, and the ability to edit and style text. Full guidelines will be given. For more information, please priyananda [at] (email us).

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