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News From Mexico: A Right Livelihood, Two Communities And Two Ordinations

On Mon, 15 July, 2013 - 05:23
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Upekshamati writes from Triratna’s Mexico Sangha with some of the news of the many new developments there, saying - “After the opening of two new Buddhist centres in Mexico last year (the Coyoacan Buddhist Centre right at the south of Mexico City and the Comunidad Budista Triratna Queretaro three hours from the capital) we have had a period of new projects developing.

A small group of women have started a shop - our Sangha’s first Right Livelihood business. They have been collecting second hand clothing and other stuff donated by people that come to the Centre, our president Moksananda and visiting preceptor Paramachitta cut the ribbon and opened the 60 sq.m shop last April. Donations keep coming to us and customers have started buying so the business thrives and pays its rent and supports its staff. Sadhu!

We have also got two communities starting - four men had a dedication ceremony to name their new men’s community-not far from the centre of Mexico-and a group of three young women signed a contract for a women’s community in the city.

Lastly we are proud that two Mexican men have been ordained : ex -Mario and ex-Martin became Dharmachari Viryakirti and Dharmachari Amalasiddhi respectively. They got their kesas around their necks just last month in the Spanish men´s retreat centre Guhyaloka, enlarging our Order.

We hope that activities are also starting in Cuernavaca city, but more of that later…

All the best for these new beginnings! With metta, Upekshamati”
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