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New Year for students at Nagaloka in India

On Mon, 12 August, 2013 - 06:09
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Vivekaratna writes from India with news of the start of their new year at Nagaloka, Triratna’s large training centre in Nagpur, central India. Every year they accept a ‘batch’ of young men and women from all over India for a year’s intensive ‘DhammaSekhiya’ training in Social Work and Dhamma - after which they are eligible to join Nagaloka’s national alumni association which works to support them as they return home to work in their local areas. He says -

“I am attaching the photo of the XII Batch trainees at the time of inauguration on 7th July 2013 as well as the state wise details of the admitted trainees. As of this date there are 72 trainees (31 female and 41 male) from 13 states of India, viz Arunachal Pradesh (2), Bihar (5), Chhattisgarh (4), Delhi (1), Gujarat (9), Jharkhand (3), Kerala (8), Maharashtra (3), Orissa (12), Punjab (1), Rajasthan (5), Tamil Nadu (3), and Uttar Pradesh (17).

This is the first time since the training started in Nagaloka that we have in all 51 females (including our female alumni) in the campus. We would like to admit 40 more students for B.A. They will also undergo the DhammaSekhiya training for the first year of B.A. So this year we hope to have a total batch of over 100 students/trainees”.

The photographs show a selection of views from around the Nagaloka campus.
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