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New Triratna publication in Gujarati

On Wed, 18 July, 2012 - 05:43
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Migar, chairman of Triratna’s Buddhist Centre in Ahmedabad, India, writes with news of their newly-translated Gujarati publication. Written by Subhuti, it’s a book exploring the qualities of the ‘True Individual’ - an especially valuable approach to the Dharma in India, where caste identity is so strong. He says - “These are the photos of the inauguration of Dhammchari Subhuti’s book “Individual” (Vyaktittva) which was translated into Gujarati by Dhammamitra Mrs. Sheela Shresthi. The venue is the Jubilee Baug in Baroda, near the Buddha statue. The date 3rd July, Dhamma Day - which we call Dhammachkra Pravattan Day. She is currently working hard to complete more publications in Gujarati: Boddh Jivan ma Shilacharan; Buddha Man; Samyak Dan; and Panch Dharmendriya - a series of basic introductions to Buddhism”.
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