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New series of talks by Subhuti: The Five Aspects of Sangharakshita’s System of Dharma Life

On Mon, 1 July, 2013 - 20:42
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Over on Padmaloka’s space on The Buddhist Centre Online there’s a major new series of 8 talks by Subhuti entitled ‘The Five Aspects of Sangharakshita’s System of Dharma Life’, along with a question-and-answer session on the material.

This series was given by Subhuti on a recent ‘System of Practice’ retreat at Padmaloka for men who have asked for Ordination. In these talks, Subhuti delves into the fundamental principles behind Sangharakshita’s system: Integration, Positive Emotion, Spiritual Receptivity, Spiritual Death, and Spiritual Rebirth, finding in each new and deeper significance. He invites his hearers to apply them deeply in their own lives.

Talk 1 - The Higher Context
Talk 2 - The Motive Force of Dharma Life
Talk 3 - Integration
Talk 4 - Positive Emotion
Talk 5 - Spiritual Receptivity
Talk 6 - Spiritual Death
Talk 7 - Spiritual Rebirth
Talk 8 - Applying the Five Aspects in Daily Life
Q & A Session 1 - Questions and Answers

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