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New publications in French

On Fri, 7 December, 2012 - 06:35
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Ujumani writes from Triratna’s Paris centre with news of the publication of their third book: Un guide sur la voie bouddhique (1ère partie) – i.e. A Guide to the Buddhist Path (Vol. 1).

The Paris Centre has published these books itself as it has not yet been possible to find a mainstream publisher for Sangharakshita’s works in France. Contrary to the situation in Anglophone countries, Sangharakshita is little known in France and the Triratna Buddhist Community is only represented by one Centre. For the time being, the books are only sold at the Centre, as selling them elsewhere would require resources and an organisation that the Centre does not currently have.

Ujumani comments: “Six years after Vision et Transformation and three years after Poèmes, the Centre bouddhiste Triratna de Paris has just released its third book. I’m delighted to at last see this book in print– I started to translate it over 15 years ago! It’s been a pleasure to work as a team on this project: Manibhadri did the typesetting, learning the skills on the job, and Marc Ulrich, a mitra, designed the book cover. Manibhadri’s newly acquired skill will be much in use in the coming months as we prepare the second volume of the same book as well as a couple of other books that have also been translated, and for which we have received financial support from the European Chairs Assembly fund (so watch this space!) Hopefully after this we can start to look for a “real” publishing house for these and other books by Sangharakshita, so that he can at last be widely read in France.”

All three books are available at the Centre bouddhiste Triratna de Paris, with some extracts online.
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