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New history of Triratna published in Spanish: ‘Comunidad Budista Triratna: una historia’, by Vajragupta

On Sat, 16 June, 2012 - 11:24
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Dharmakirti writes from Triratna’s Buddhist Centre in Valencia, Spain, with news of the newly-published Spanish translation of one of Triratna’s best-selling publications: ‘The Triratna Story: Behind the Scenes of a New Buddhist Movement’ by Vajragupta. It’s now available as the ‘Comunidad Budista Triratna: una historia’.

He says - “We are delighted to finally have this long-awaited book available in Spanish. The publication was made possible thanks to funds from Libros Budistas (our Spanish book distribution business) and the Valencia Buddhist Centre. Other people also generously contributed to its realization, including Moksananda, who wrote a whole chapter on the history of Triratna in the Spanish-speaking world, and Ine Grewe, who designed the beautiful book cover (different to the English version). The book was translated by Oscar Franco, and reviewed by myself. Finally the layout of the book was done by Saúl Castillejo in Mexico. So, a great collaboration!

In this version of the book we have also included a few photographs of pioneering people that made the Triratna Buddhist Community and Order grow in Spain. It will soon be released (with a different book cover) in Mexico by our Centre there - the Centro Budista de la Ciudad de México.

You can it buy online here, for only 9€ (7€ if you buy before the end of June). We are delighted this book is now in print. And so - Vajragupta has no excuse not to visit Valencia and launch it in Spain!

With metta, Dharmakirti
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