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New fundraising initiatives in India to support ordination work

On Thu, 24 May, 2012 - 06:12
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The India Dhamma Trust is a Triratna project dedicated to raising funds to support the men’s and women’s Ordination Teams in India. Here - and in the accompanying video - Manjusiha interviews fellow IDT trustee Amalavajra about the Trust, his recent trip to India and the launch of an exciting new phase for the Trust.

MS: How did you get involved in the IDT?
AV: I’ve been a fundraiser for the Karuna Trust for many years, and I love India. I can see how much the Dhamma and ordination means to people there, both to those who want to get ordained and to those who are inspired by Order Members. Another reason I got involved was because I was asked. The ask is a very important part of fundraising!

MS: Tell me about your recent workshop with the ordination teams in India.
AV: I went to India to help the ordination teams launch their own fundraising appeal amongst the movement and Order in India. The teams are really enthusiastic about this initiative. They are all quite busy with their responsibilities in helping men and women prepare for ordination, but they really want to do this, and after the trip I feel confident they can.

MS: What’s the next stage?
AV: The IDT’s next campaign is to seek larger one-off donations from Order Members, East or West, to support the fundraising efforts in India and to continue supporting the ordination process there. So I’ll be asking people in the West to help with seed-funding this. Watch this space…

Also we’ve recruited Kumarjeev in India. A long-standing member of the men’s ordination team, he has agreed to be the IDT’s fundraising co-ordinator in India for both the men’s and women’s ordination teams. He has this to say - “Our vision is to create a peaceful society based upon liberty, equality and fraternity – a society that supports the development of all human beings to their full potential. In the Ordination teams we see our life’s work as creating Dharmachari and Dhammacharinis who will exemplify that and who will pass on the Dhamma and help create that sort of society.”

If you would like to give to the India Dhamma Trust and the work to create more Dhammacharis and Dhammacharinis in India then please visit our website.
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