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Live blogging from Triratna’s International Council in India

On Thu, 21 February, 2013 - 14:21
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It’s been a quiet period for Triratna News recently, with just one bulletin in the past three weeks. However there’s a lot going on in Triratna and on, with the second-ever meeting of Triratna’s International Council taking place in India this past week. Some 30 representatives from the US, Mexico, Australasia, Europe and the UK, and India have been gathering to review Triratna worldwide and to explore its next steps - for many, their first time in India, an intense experience in itself on top of a packed week of Council business!

Candradasa, Director of the Buddhist Centre Online and a passionate online communicator, has been doing a remarkable job of live multi-media blogging with many of his fellow-attendees, and you’re invited to follow the action on the ‘Triratna’ space on this site. If it’s your first time there, just click “+follow” to get the full experience…

You’ll find Yashosagar in song, Vajrajyoti delighting in the puppies and the monkeys, Dassini on the train, and a wonderful video tour of Nagaloka’s open-air shrine room - all alongside serious presentations on how to establish ethical norms in an international community, how to deepen and intensify practice, and Lokamitra talking about the 40 million Indians who consider themselves Buddhists (and a link to his PowerPoint presentation explaining how Triratna is working with them all across India).

Triratna’s International Council is made up of men and women from the ‘three strands’ of the Triratna Buddhist Community - the Order, the College of Preceptors, and the public Buddhist Centres and other projects which together make up the ‘Movement’. For a simple overview to Triratna’s international structure see the newly-published online booklet ‘How Triratna Works’.
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