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Karuna: Empowering women

On Fri, 2 November, 2012 - 10:50
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Andrea from Karuna writes: We’ve recently published our annual Karuna 2012 Newsletter highlighting our women’s empowerment work in India. We send the newsletter to all our supporters so they’re kept informed about the brilliant projects we support. Some of the women featured in it such as Sanjivani and girls such as Susimita and Priyanka have found their voices. They are not going to be silenced by prejudice and discrimination or their own fears.

Karuna is Triratna’s fundraising charity, we send £1 million pounds a year to support 39 grassroots and community organisations in over 10 states across India.We raise this money through regular donations from our loyal and committed supporters .They’ve been signed up ‘on the doors’ by many Triratna people over the years who have volunteered 6 weeks (or more) of their time to fundraise for Karuna.

We need to keep fundraising so we can support as many people as possible in India to break free of the burdens created by caste discrimination.

Lucy Spence (one of Karuna’s dedicated fundraisers) has just been on the ‘Bonny Bodhis’ appeal in Edinburgh along with Nealey Conquest, Zoe Haugh, Serena Woods and Rachel Ward. They raised £1297 in monthly donations. Over 5-years this will amount to £77,000 allowing us to fund the long-term projects that can make a lasting difference to peoples’ lives.

Lucy shares her inspiration: “I work for Karuna because I want to connect more with myself and with the householders I meet. It is such an amazing experience and a privilege to witness the generosity of householders in so many ways – inviting me in on a cold evening for a cup of tea, listening and empathising with the work I am doing, signing up for a Direct Debit, giving me gifts of fruit and biscuits and much more!”

Like Lucy, you can engage in a unique and transformational spiritual practice by helping Karuna in one of four ways:

1. Take part in a 6-week door-to-door Karuna appeal in 2013

2.Join the Men’s Appeal Vihara based at the London Buddhist Centre

3. Join a phone fundraising campaign (calling existing supporters) from the Karuna office in London
We are currently recruiting volunteers to call Karuna supporters this winter. Click here for more info

4. If you already have fundraising skills, consider solo fundraising in your home town

You can keep in touch with Karuna in many different ways:

Like us on Facebook: Karuna Fundraisers
Join the Karuna Fundraisers group on
Visit our website
And of course you can call the Karuna office on 0207 700 3434 or email appeals [at]
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