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Introducing the Sangharakshita Land Project’s new home - part IV

On Thu, 28 February, 2013 - 04:57
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This week Triratna News is presenting a special series of five short videos introducing the new home for the Sangharakshita Land Project and indeed for Sangharakshita himself. Purchased late last year, on Saturday this week Sangharakshita will announce its new name to the assembled Order, currently gathered at Bodh Gaya for the triennial International Order Convention.

On day I of the week we reported it’s currently undergoing major renovations - especially to the drains! Today’s theme is ‘Making Sewage Beautiful’, and we invite you to join Mokshapriya once again, as he introduces their ambitious plans for a natural willow-based wetland system to handle the new Centre’s waste water and sewage. As we’ll see, there’s more to a retreat centre than Buddha figures! When completed, it will be Triratna’s largest retreat centre catering for over 100 retreatants plus two communities.

If the embedded video player is not showing, you can find the video here.

The videos were made by Clear Vision, Triratna’s video production facility.
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