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International Retreat - some memories and endorsements

On Mon, 16 April, 2012 - 05:35
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Coming up in June is Triratna’s 3rd International Retreat at Taraloka, which will see 500 people gathering to explore the theme of ‘Imagining the Buddha’. The last one was in 2010, and we’ve been asking people for some of their memories - here’s three of them, delightful in their honesty and appreciation of what is a remarkable event…

The main thing I’ll be taking with me is my new perception of the Sangha: the vibrancy and generosity of the community, which was evident from the kitchen to the shrine room. I’m particularly grateful for the accommodations made for the keen but inexperienced of us, with meditation lessons and introduction to Buddhism”. Jenny Hyam (aged 19)

I have to say that I was dreading the retreat, but in fact it was really very, very good. My overwhelming experience was one of metta. There was so much friendliness and that made it easy to just plunge into the whole event. I was particularly moved in the final puja… I found myself just drawn to look at everybody making offerings while chanting the Avalokitesvara mantra. I found this deeply stirring, seeing all these different people… united in their devotion to manifesting Avalokitesvara: ‘Happy is the spiritual effort of the united’”. Padmavajra (UK)

Many of our folk had never been to a Triratna Centre outside Germany before - they were impressed by the breadth and variety of people they met on the International Retreat and moved by the sense of community they felt”. Jnanacandra (Germany)

Details of the retreat are available in five languages at; and simultaneous translation of the major talks is being provided in several European languages. The dates are June 1st - 5th.

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