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Indian TV features Sangharakshita

On Thu, 7 March, 2013 - 09:56
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Vidyaruchi writes with news of three interviews with Sangharakshita, made for India’s Lord Buddha TV station. He says - “Following the recent Order Convention at Bodh Gaya, we are pleased to present “United for the Dhamma”, a series of three interviews given by Urgyen Sangharakshita with Maitrivir-Nagarjuna, an Indian Dhammachari.

Made in the summer of 2011, their discussions touch on many of the issues, difficulties and opportunities facing those trying to practise and propagate the Dhamma in India today, and include Sangharakshita’s recollections of Dr Ambedkar, and of his experience of addressing the grief-stricken followers of this great Indian Buddhist social reformer immediately following the death of their leader. We hope they will be broadcast, to as many as 30 million people, later this year. Meanwhile, you can see find them in Triratna’s ‘Sangharakshita Interviews’ album on Vimeo”.
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