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Help Sahaja become a counsellor

On Sat, 20 July, 2013 - 00:10
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Could you help Sahaja with money to finish his counselling course?

Samudradaka writes:
“Many of you will know Sahaja from his striking sculptures housed in various Triratna centres. You may also know him from his equally striking personality!

Recently Sahaja has been training as a counsellor, something he is finding very inspiring and fulfilling. From what his tutors say, it’s also something he is very good at. He now only needs to complete a Level 4 course to become a qualified counsellor and earn his own living.

Unfortunately, for many years Sahaja has been in a very difficult financial situation with no job or house and living off around £90 per month. This is probably very hard for most of us in the west even to imagine.

Here’s what Sahaja says about why this is so important to him: ‘The counselling training is a way of me bringing my practice into the world. Counselling is all about being in the moment, being authentic and creative, listening and respecting people. It’s about being present. Counselling is a natural progression from doing my artwork. I want to become a counsellor to earn my living ethically and to use my skills and work from the heart.’

So, to help fund him through his final course, a few of his friends are running a fundraising campaign and we’d love you to help us if you can.

Please have a look at our fundraising page and consider helping him out. THANK YOU!

The Sahaja Support Team”

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