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Gift ideas and this years donations from Windhorse:evolution

On Fri, 23 November, 2012 - 12:30
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Windhorse Evolution
Deborah from Windhorse:evolution in Cambridge, UK, writes: If you are shopping at this time of year, buying gifts for friends and family, why not visit your local evolution shop? As well as gifts, we stock favourites like candles and incense. You can find your nearest shop using the website:

This year the business is making donations from Trust reserves, in order to continue supporting these projects:

Indian Dhamma Trust - £593 per month, to help spread the Dharma in India, specifically by supporting the work of the ordination teams and Public Preceptors.
Free Buddhist Audio - £6,000 -
Clear Vision - £1500 -
Windhorse Publications - £1000 -
Triratna Growth Fund - £1000
New Buddhist Centre in Mexico City - £1000 -

Ban Rom Sai, in Thailand - £6000 - an orphanage which provides a home and an education for children who contracted HIV at birth.
Kupu Kupu, in Bali - £4000 - centers for disabled people, in the local area of the villages where we buy our goods

Also, the collections at the tills of Evolution shops collected £1368! The money goes to two projects in Guatemala:
A Handicraft Center where women can bring more income into their households, by making crafts and being trained in financial management and organization. A project for families with an income of less than $2 a day, establishing vegetable gardens, animal farms and fruit trees, and giving a cow to the community.
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