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Free Buddhist Audio’s UK Centre Tour

On Fri, 23 March, 2012 - 17:38
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Viriyalila - usually resident in New Hampshire USA - writes from Brighton, on the other side of the pond, with news of her UK Centre (sorry, Center!) tour in aid of Triratna’s Free Buddhist Audio project. She says - “Hi to everyone in our Free Buddhist Audio community. I’m currently in the UK visiting different centres, giving presentations and leading study to promote and fundraise for Free Buddhist Audio. I’m about halfway through my trip so I thought I’d sit down and share a bit from the journey thus far. I started my tour at the Croydon Buddhist Centre, (just outside London) with a very lively Sangha morning followed by a study afternoon focusing on the Seven Bodhyangas, or Limbs of Enlightenment. I led the same study in Sheffield last weekend, which was met with much enthusiasm - we had a very serious look at applying Dhamma-Vicaya to our various life experiences and shared lots of laughter listening to Bhante talk about joy. All in all two really good study sessions.

I’ve really enjoyed preparing for these study sessions as I’ve been reflecting on this particular set of teachings for more than a decade. I selected a series of excerpts from talks for us to listen to on each of the factors/’limbs’, and then we discussed them as applied in our experience of working with the mind, exploring specific conditions we could give our attention to in an effort to create more refined and positive states of being through the application of the seven ‘Limbs’: Mindfulness (Smrti) and Introspection (Dhamma-Vicaya); which then gives rise to Energy (Virya); then to Rapture & Joy (Priti & Pramodya); then to Calm (Prasrabdhi) and Concentration (Samadhi) culminating in Ultimate Equanimity (Upeksha).

I’ll be doing this short day retreat again this coming weekend at the Brighton Buddhist Centre on Saturday and in Colchester on Sunday. If you are in the area, feel free to join us!

I’ve also been going to different Sangha Gatherings to promote It’s been a real delight to meet many of our supporters in person, and to introduce people to the many talks in our collection. Along the way I’ve been meeting with Triratna Centre team members to answer questions and provide support for using our Community Upload Program – especially now that it is about to be integrated with our sister site:

So far I’ve enjoyed meeting folks at the Triratna Centres in Croydon, Birmingham, Nottingham and Bristol. Next week I’ll be at Windhorse:Evolution in Cambridge and the London Buddhist Centre on Monday, Liverpool on Tuesday and Manchester on Thursday.

In addition to promoting and thanking our current supporters I’ve been asking folks who are familiar with our project to consider taking out a regular donation. We are passionate about keeping the service free, so it’s really not about paying for your downloads, it’s about sharing the Dharma.

We’ve called on Tara, with her hand extended in the mudra of generosity to emphasize that we offer the gift of the Dharma freely, and we ask those who are able to help us give that gift to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. By giving a donation to Free Buddhist Audio you’ll be joining a lineage spanning thousands of years – people just like you helping spread the Dharma because it matters in their own lives. And to finish, here’s two other ways you can get involved:

Subscribe to our Podcasts! Tune into our weekly FBA Podcast – a full talk every Saturday – along with our hand-selected Dharmabytes Podcast – little nuggets to inspire you twice weekly.

Give the Gift of the Dharma! Become one of our Generous Supporters and help over 150,000 people from all over the world access the Buddha’s teachings for free”.

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