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Fourth Alumni conference at Nagaloka, India

On Sat, 19 May, 2012 - 06:29
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In our second post from Kerala, South India, we bring news of Triratna’s recent Alumni Conference at Nagaloka, a Dharma and Social training centre for young men and women from all over India. Their graduates have between them created the India-wide Nagarjuna Alumni Association, which met recently in Maharastra for their 4th Alumni conference. Arun from Kerala writes - “Dear friends, Jai Bhim! I would like to share my conference experience with you. It was organized for seven days, and actually I have no words to express its beauty, every year Nagaloka is getting more and more beautiful. Our golden Walking Buddha is shining even more than last year, there are flowers smiling in front of our Buddha Surya Vihara, they were so nice to see, I am very lucky to spend so many days on this campus.

Day times were hot, but the night was cool, a very nice time for our informal conversation. I had many meetings with my old friends; most of this conversation was very deep and sincere. I came with seven Alumni and three friends from Kerala. Our Kerala team had a very creative discussion with Lokamitra, what a energetic personality he has, I was so inspired by his presence. I hope that with his help we will get more Malayalam Dhamma books from Taiwan. We also had a sincere and open communication with Dh. Amoghasiddhi on our last day in Nagpur - he is one of Triratna’s Preceptors in India and a very nice and simple man.

On 7th night we had a wonderful puja in front of the Walking Buddha under the open sky, the roof of nature. On the 6th evening there was a showing of a documentary “Jaibhim Comrade”, a wonderful and fantastic work directed by Anand Paduvardhan, in which he tries to show how exploitation is going on with Dalit people in the 21st century. He spent more than 14 years shooting this film - what amazing work.

At the end of our time there our friends Dh Ratnasiddhi and Dh Bodhipriya donated us a big Buddha statue and one pressure cooker for our Ratnaloka community at Trivandrum - we are so appreciative how our teachers support us. Before leaving Nagpur Sandeep and I visited the Deeksha Bhumi where Ambedkar embraced Buddhism with 300,000 people.

After this nice and valuable visit I came back to Kerala. Now I feel full of energy, I am thankful to Venerable Sangharakshita for giving us such a wonderful Sangha. Really the spiritual life is so precious. With metta, Arun”.
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