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Five Ordinations at Padmaloka

On Thu, 4 October, 2012 - 05:36
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Padmaloka, Triratna’s men’s retreat centre in Norfolk UK, write with news of five recent ordinations into the Order, saying - “The following men had their Public Ordination on Thursday, 27th September:

Public Preceptor Satyaraja:
Martin Dubois becomes SHRADDHAGHOSHA, “Voice of Shraddha”
(Private Preceptor Dharmadipa)

Sven Fasth becomes VAJRAMUNI, “Diamond Sage”
(Private Preceptor Viryabodhi)

Keith Green becomes VISHANGKA, “He Who is Fearless”
(Private Preceptor Mokshapriya)

Public Preceptor Dhammarati:
Ross Mackay becomes MAITRINAGA, “Kindly, Benevolent Serpent or Naga”
(Private Preceptor Vairocana)

Harvey Jackson becomes ABHAYAVACA, “Fearless in Speech / Communication”
(Private Preceptor Vairocana)


Friends, mitras and Order members support the Public Preceptors in their work around the world. To make a donation, visit Thanks to your help, the Order will grow more strongly, helping people from all walks of life to meet and practice the dharma in a context of supportive friendship.

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