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First Triratna retreat held in mainland China

On Fri, 13 July, 2012 - 06:01
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Jayamuni, a French Order Member now living in mainland China, writes with the exciting news of Triratna’s first-ever Chinese retreat. He says - “Last weekend we held the first Triratna international retreat in mainland China. We rented a few rooms in a holiday resort a few miles west of Beijing and spent 3 days exploring meditation and the 3-fold path.

Yinhua, a long standing mitra living in Beijing came with his wife Xiaotao, while Oiuna and her husband Ganaa travelled 1500 km specially from Mongolia for the occasion. Oiuna lived in London for a few years where she encountered the movement through the West London Buddhist Centre.

As we are all spread out, it was a rare and much appreciated opportunity to meet, get to know each other and practice together within our tradition. After three very good days together, we enthusiastically started to think about organizing another one and involving more people”.

The photographs show the small shrine used for the retreat, and most of those present.

Click here for a Chinese-language version of Wildmind’s meditation teaching website.
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