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Extraordinary response to India Dhamma Trust’s ‘Self-Reliant India’ campaign

On Fri, 18 January, 2013 - 06:32
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Amalavajra writes with news of an extraordinary response to the recently launched ‘Self-Reliant India’ fundraising campaign he’s currently coordinating on behalf of Triratna’s India Dhamma Trust. He says -

“Within six weeks, Order Members from around the world have given £75,000 in one-off gifts to seed fund three new fundraising projects initiated by Triratna’s Indian Ordination Teams.

Whilst many of us strongly support Triratna’s Dharma work in India, there is also a feeling that more funds could be raised locally. I think that is why there has been such a positive response to this campaign, and because the fundraising projects are so persuasive.”

There are still millions of Buddhist men and women in India desperate to find genuine and effective Dharma teachers and practice communities. Since 1978 hundreds of Indian men and women have been ordained and are meeting that need. However many more are seeking ordination and the ordination teams are struggling to cope. They recognise that funds from the West are limited and want to raise more money themselves to expand their activities, especially for women and outside their Maharashtra heartland. They have initiated three fundraising projects:

- a visitor centre and shop at Bordharan retreat centre near Nagpur, for the thousands of tourists who visit each year
- profit-making retreats for professional Ambedkarite Buddhists
- fundraising from Indian order members and mitras

However, these projects need start-up funding from the West in order to really get off the ground, and this is the purpose of this £100,000 ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign. 50% of the funds will be invested in this way and 50% to sustain and develop existing Dharma activities in the meantime. As well as the boost to Indian Dharma activities, the success of these projects will develop fundraising skills and confidence in other Triratna India projects, such as those funded by the Karuna Trust.

To find out more, or to give, please contact Amalavajra at amalavajra [at] or on +44 7722 530275.
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