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Everything In Moderation? No!

On Sun, 8 April, 2012 - 06:21
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Buddhism’s all about accepting what is, not fighting, becoming calm and peaceful - right? Maybe - maybe not… Over at Triratna’s West London Buddhist Centre they’ve been running all-night meditations for a while now, backed up by some great posters and publicity we’re delighted to reproduce below…

“Just what the doctor ordered! A short sharp dose of Dharma. Burning rainbows in a black jungle…

‘I feel really bad tonight…Lonely and bored. I’m going to watch some pop videos on YouTube, eat some more chocolate and then watch a violent movie, or maybe a romantic comedy. I can’t decide? What am I doing? Feels like I’m drying out from the inside. I feel unreal…’

Forget that. There is something different over here. Your life right now. Inner thunder, dream drums and sunsets. Oceans of mind. Some real comrades. People to live for. Not just some fuzzy grey narrow bandwidth with occasional spikes of acid colour that get fewer and smaller in time, until all you can hear is your own quiet moaning and grumbling. HMP Memory Maze. Call that a life!?

Change the channel people! Chanting in the jaws of death. And death is not the bad guy, something foreign to us. We are death.

Stop polishing your golden prison bars and get with the program (see details below).

Somethings going on in one of those concrete caves, strange new atmospheres, minds expanding, candle light falling into those soft black disks, eternally glittering…it all goes back to that dawn under the bodhi tree, a long river of Reality. What the Buddha achieved we too can achieve. Everything in moderation? No.

‘As many atoms as there are in the thousand million worlds’…self liberation…obsession with safety is suffocation! Breathe!”

Contact them for details, next is April 21st. Starts at 9pm- Food/check in/discussion. 10pm- Meditation/mantra/readings/puja. 6am- Breakfast.

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