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EcoDharma on Tour: the Power of Dharma to Transform Society

On Thu, 3 November, 2011 - 05:26
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Alex writes from Triratna’s EcoDharma retreat centre with news of their UK Autumn tour, which they describe as “an interactive workshop applying the tools & insights of the Dharma to empower and equip us to face the challenges of our times”. She says - “The workshop will help us to ask: How can our inner work and outer engagement be complimentary? How can we work with the deeper emotional dimensions of turning towards our social and ecological conditions in a way that is empowering and transformative? What might this mean for you as individuals and members of a Sangha? In what ways might this find effective expression within this locality and Sangha? How can we best activate the power of community?

In the summer of last year Chairs of the Triratna Community’s European Centres decided to re-emphasise the power of the Dharma to transform society - to acknowledge that our personal practice takes place within a social and ecological context, and that we live in times of both great peril and promise. This workshop is intended to help each of us to explore the implications of this for our personal and collective practice of Dharma.”

The team consists of Guhyapati, founder of the Ecodharma Centre, Maitrisara, secretary of the UK’s Network of Engaged Buddhists, with many years of experience in community and participatory education, and Alex and Caspar, skilled facilitators with a wealth of creative and musical talents.

Dates confirmed so far include: LBC, Sunday 20th November, 10am-5pm | Leeds, Thursday 24th, 7-9.30pm | Brighton, Saturday 26th, 1.30-7.30pm | Dharmawoods, Sunday 27th, 10am – 4pm (Full) | NLBC, Monday 28th, 7.30-9.30pm | Brighton, Tuesday 29th, 7.30-9.15pm | Cambridge, Saturday 3rd December, 10am-7.30pm | Colchester, Sunday 4th, 10.30am-5pm | Bristol, Monday 5th, 7.30-10pm | Birmingham, Sunday 11th, 11.30am-7pm. Please contact the relevant Centre directly if youäre interested to attend any of the events.

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