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Dhammapada chanting from India

On Sun, 11 August, 2013 - 05:46
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We’re delighted to introduce Triratna News readers to a beautiful new CD of Buddhist chanting by Kamalvir, an Indian Order Member living in Ahmednagar. Using the Raag Yaman and Bhopali styles - the Ragaas of Love and Devotion - he’s recorded all 26 Vaggas of the Dhammapada in the original Pali, with parallel Hindi translation of each Gatha narrated by Rajesh Chandra. These give a total duration of almost 3hrs 15min - but there’s a preview on Soundcloud.

The CD was formally released at the Dhammachakka Mahotsava at Sarnath by Ven P Seewalee Thero, the Sri Lankan Bhikkhu-In-Charge of the Mahabodhi Society of India at Sarnath-Varanasi, and was created by Prabhat Tandon. There’s photos on a youtube record of the event here.

For a selection of other Buddhist chants by other members of the Triratna Buddhist Order we recommend Free Buddhist Audio.

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HI Lokabandhu, do you know if we can buy this CD and if so how?