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Dhammachari Shantirakshita: Triratna Buddhist Order 2012-13

On Thu, 5 September, 2013 - 16:24
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Adityabodhi writes from India with news of the death of Dhammachari Shantirakshita from Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka. He says - “I am sad to inform you that Dhammachari Shantirakshita passed away on Tuesday 3 September at 7 pm. He was 76 years old and was involved in Dr Ambedkar’s Dhamma Revolution since his early age & had strong faith in Dr Ambedkar. He dedicated his whole life to the Dhamma movement. In the year 1990 he came in contact with Triratna Bauddha Mahasangha. Since then he was very active in his Dhamma life. He became a dhammamitra in 2002. and he got ordained on 10th of June 2012 at the Sadhamma Pradeep retreat center, at Bhaja.

“As well as being inspired by Dr. Ambedkar he was equally inspired by Bhante Sangharakshita. He was having strong faith in Bhante Sangharakshita, and therefore was given his name as a Dhammachari: “Shantirakshita”, meaning “Protected by peace”. I was his private preceptor & Dhammachari Amrutdeep his public preceptor.

“Since last 4 month he was ill with throat cancer & unfortunately he died on 3.09.2013 at 7.00 pm. His funeral took place at Gulbarga (Karnataka) on 4.9.2013 at about 12.00 p.m. He was doing the Shakyamuni sadhana quite regularly & his major contribution was to Triratna’s local activities in Gulbarga. So this is really a great loss to the Order & Movement in India. So please convey this message to all & send metta towards him”.

With Metta, yours in Dhamma, Dh. Adityabodhi

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