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'design this even better' - a day for Triratna designers

On Fri, 10 February, 2012 - 11:42
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In October last year, Dhammarati met for a day in Birmingham with 25 designers working in the Triratna Buddhist Community, with people coming from as far away as Amsterdam, Berlin and the Highlands of Scotland. As well as benefiting from Dhammarati’s vast experience in the field, the designers also reported the event as a rare and valuable opportunity to meet and share ideas with others working with much in common.

Following on from that, an online forum has been created to enable the fruitful contact between Triratna’s designers to continue, and there will be another day workshop at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre on Saturday 24th March from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

“Design this even better” is for anyone working in print or web design in Triratna. Bring along a sample of your work for discussion, and learn from other designers how your work could improve. Please contact jnanarakshita [at] triratnadevelopment [dot] org for more details, to join the online forum, or to book on the day in March.

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