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Croydon Buddhist Centre plans new Shrine Room

On Thu, 27 September, 2012 - 05:32
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Dhammavijaya, chairman of Triratna’s Croydon Buddhist Centre south of London, writes with news of their new shrine room - or at least their visions for one! He says -

“Saturday September 15th saw the launch of the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Appeal for the creation of a new shrine room at the Croydon Buddhist Centre. An artist’s impression by Dhammasena gives an idea of what we are to create. Only the bare framework and roof of the current shrine will remain, while the ceiling is opened up to produce a pitched roof, and all walls and windows will be replaced with new materials that are properly soundproofed and insulated. A wooden floor and new heating system are part of the plan, with pride of place being given to a brand new shrine and Buddha Rupa.

This initiative follows the decision of the charity council to commit to its future on the Croydon High Street, bestowing upon the centre the love and devotion that the ideals it serves merit.

The Appeal, so named for the fulfilment of deepest wishes that is granted when we engage in a self-transcending project with and for others, aims to raise £50,000 by means of gift-aid standing orders, and sundry other fundraising ventures. If this is a project you would like to become involved in, please contact the Croydon Buddhist Centre or visit our Appeal website.
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