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Come and visit Coddington Court - online!

On Sat, 8 December, 2012 - 06:02
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Mokshapriya writes with news of Coddington Court - Triratna’s new retreat and study centre near Malvern, England, and Sangharakshita’s new home. Since the purchase was completed in September, the small core team have been busy planning and building work has now begun in earnest in preparation for a hoped-for move in February. He says - “Come and visit Coddington Court online! We’ve made a little film to show you the buildings layout at Coddington interspersed with a few current photos of the site. I hope you like it…”

The buildings are extensive enough to house many separate activities - currently planned are Sangharakshita’s accommodation, men’s and women’s communities, the Sangharakshita Library, retreat and study facilities for up to 100 people, visitors accommodation and extensive gardens. But there’s a lot of work to do - look out for the mud!

If the embedded video isn’t showing you can enjoy it on YouTube here:
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