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Cambridge Sangha Choral Competition

On Thu, 3 November, 2011 - 05:16
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‘Happy indeed we live; friendly amid the haters.

Among those who hate, we dwell free from hate.

Happy indeed we live, healthy amid the sick.

Among those who are sick, we dwell free from sickness.

Happy indeed we live, content amid the greedy.

Among those who are greedy, we dwell free from greed.’
Arthasiddhi writes from the UK with news of a musical competition: “We have invited composers in our community to set to music three verses (for voice only) from the Dhammapada that express the Buddha’s vision for the Sangha. Five people have submitted music that will be simple enough that untrained singers may learn it. The submissions are from: Akashadeva, Emma Choporian, Yashodaka, Vipulakirti and Graham Patterson. On the evening of November the 11th we will hear all five pieces, and the audience will vote on the winning piece, which will be learned by the Cambridge Sangha on Sangha Day. We hope to record at least some of the music for a wider audience.

The Arts is one of the Six Distinctive Emphases of the Triratna Buddhist Community, and the challenge of finding an authentic Western cultural voice for the Dharma has been identified by Sangharakshita as key to the flourishing of the Dharma in the West. The evening will open with a talk by Maitreyabandhu: ‘The Poetics of Awakening: Rambles Around a New Buddhist Culture’

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