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Buddhafield Festival - a break in the cycle

On Tue, 2 July, 2013 - 15:36
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Big news is just in from Buddhafield: their Festival team is planning to take a break next year, ie 2014. It’ll be their first year off since the Festival started in 1996 and a well-deserved rest for all concerned! See below for their full statement - what it means in practice is, the Festival this year’s your last chance to come until 2015! It’s coming up soon, July 17-21 to be precise, tickets are available here, and the theme this year is Fire in the Heart.

They write - “Buddhafield has been able to continually reinvent itself because it’s a collective. We’ve been able to seamlessly adapt to changes in personnel because, as one person’s inspiration has naturally moved on, another’s has flowed towards us. This has led to a series of cycles in the shape of the collective that have occurred naturally and steadily, keeping the project fresh and fluid.

We’re now at the end of one of the biggest cycles in our evolution, but this time the transition can’t be seamless. For the first time in 18 Festival years, we feel the need to pause, get back in touch with who we are and what we’re about, and from within that space invite a new generation to join the collective. In order to achieve that, we think the wisest move is to not run our Festival in 2014.

Buddhafield only exists and functions because of the ongoing generosity of hundreds of people. Many of the Festival organising team annually give up considerable amounts of their spare time to plan and organise their Area, even going so far as to work at the Festival in their own holiday time. Clearly this is done from a great love – a fire in the heart – for Buddhafield and we’d like to thank everyone who’s given so much, especially the crew and workshop leaders.

This year’s programme of workshops and music is a terrific one, so if you’re at all moved or inspired by Buddhafield, want to know what we’re about, or maybe want to get involved in the future, please come and join us at this year’s Buddhafield Festival”.

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