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Buddhafield Festival 2012 Underway!

On Fri, 13 July, 2012 - 13:40
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The Buddhafield Festival is one of the highlights of any year in the Triratna Buddhist Community’s calendar. It’s a mesmerising, inspiring, deeply moving five-day jamboree of activities in a secret realm in the heart of the English West Country. Rain or shine, it’s an unforgettable experience – a new twist on the classic British summer festivals like Glastonbury. Buddhafield has music, dance, healing spaces, wonderful food, places to talk and discuss and debate and discover – and all rooted in a sense of community based on values that are radically evocative of the Buddha’s vision of a great free association of individuals; the great gathering of the wide sangha!

We’re covering the event, for which a few weekend-only tickets remain if you fancy diving right in! And if you can’t make it, we’ll be covering it here for you to follow on the Buddhafield and Dharma Parlour spaces. As well as on Facebook, Twitter and over on Audioboo, where you can hear delightful field reports from the midst of the joyous throng… Unmissable!
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