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Buddhafield celebrate new event - Green Earth Awakening

On Fri, 31 May, 2013 - 14:31
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Green Earth Awakening is a new Buddhafield event held for the first time in late May 2013. Not a retreat and not a festival, it brought together Buddhists, social change activists, craftspeople, families, children - over 140 in total - to a beautiful site in Devon, UK, for “a chance to connect with the land, re-learn forgotten skills and live communally, exploring practical and spiritual pathways towards a sustainable future”.

It was a bold vision, with no one quite knowing beforehand what would happen - what manifested, in fact, was a wide range of craft workshops, many social change workshops and ecology talks, meditation, rituals and Dharma talks plus generous time and space for quality meetings and conversations… all complemented by a ‘sharecare’ kid’s area, storytelling, poetry and acoustic music around the camp-fire at night. And of course the magical Full Moon of May, offering a chance to remember the Buddha and his Enlightenment.

In the Audioboo Rosie - its main organiser and visionary - reflects on its success and her dreams for its future - all present agreed it had to happen again! Before that though, comes the rest of the Buddhafield programme: the 18th Buddhafield Festival, the Family-Friendly retreat, the Total Immersion retreat, and lots more - check the Buddhafield website for details…

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