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Buddha Festival coming up - and a report from India

On Thu, 3 May, 2012 - 05:54
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Triratna’s annual Buddha Festival day is coming up, falling this year on the Full Moon of May 6th. Over in India, however, they’ve already celebrated a major Buddha festival at Nagpur’s Diksha Bhumi - right on the site of the historic mass conversions of 1956 which kick-started the Buddhist revival in India. Ritayush sends us this report:

“Jai Bhim brothers and sisters. Encouraged by the success of our Buddha Festival last year, Nagpur Buddhist Centre organised a 2012 Buddha Festival from 26 to 29 January at the Diksha Bhumi, Nagpur. Actually, it was grand and beautiful: the focal point was a 30-foot high Buddha which created calm & enthusiasm at the same time. Two domes, huts, and an art gallery with a Stupa in the background made the scene more beautiful. Thousands thronged to attend various events for all four days of the festival.

It was a great success and satisfaction for us, especially because it created such confidence among Buddhists in Nagpur. People from outside our movement supported it in large numbers and expressed their wish to do so in future also. Everything - the lectures, meditation sessions, Dhamma talks, art gallery, exhibition stalls and cultural programs were full with people. Everyone came with the desire to know, to be part of the festival. We could experience the joy, satisfaction & happiness of the people who entered the campus we had created.

Many organizations, Vihar committees, and individuals supported us to make it such a success. Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Advocates, Businessmen, Professionals, Artists, & Social Activists all involved themselves. The beauty, grandness, discipline and quality of the program made lasting impression on them.

The festival was inaugurated on the evening of 26th January 2012 by the well known Bollywood actress, poet & writer Deepti Naval. The audience was impressed by her simplicity and candid inaugural speech. It was a fitting event to celebrate the Republic Day of India: we did this by reading the preamble of Indian constitution in our inauguration ceremony. The people were moved with patriotism in front of the Buddha and Stupa: it sounded like strengthening India with the wisdom and compassion of Buddha.

We are very much satisfied by the response and success of our Buddha festival. We wish Nagpur to be known for it - it has given large exposure to our movement, and Buddhist and non-Buddhist people alike wish to be part of it. We wish to make more efforts to continue the promotion of Buddhist art, culture & heritage in India - and we appeal to the brothers and sisters in our international Sangha to be part of it.

Thanks - Ritayush”

Will you be at a Buddha Day event at a Triratna centre? Our new social network on has a new section dedicated to celebrating our festivals. To launch it we invite you to post your photographs of Buddhas, shrines, and festival Sanghas around the world.
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