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Bristol launch ‘Vajra Volunteers’ scheme

On Sat, 28 July, 2012 - 05:33
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Silajala from Triratna’s Bristol Buddhist Centre writes with news of their latest initiative - the ‘Vajra Volunteers’ scheme, which sounds like a great initiative that could be copied all over Triratna! He describes it thus: - “Do you have odd jobs that you just never seem to get round to? Of course you do! Silly question really isn’t it? You know the sort of thing: repairing the garden fence, clearing out the loft, re-decorating the kitchen, clearing the garden, cleaning the car, hoovering the lawn, mowing the carpet… You name it, and it’s probably somewhere way down on your to-do list and you wonder if it’ll ever get sorted.

Well, you might want to risk having help from the likes of the newly formed ‘Vajra Volunteers’! - A pool of blokes in the Sangha with a variety of practical skills who can be called upon to help you get these sort of things done, having some fun along the way and enjoying Sangha contact outside of the Centre for a change.

If you’d like our help then please get in touch with me and I’ll get the ball rolling further. It’ll be a simple matter of co-ordinating dates/times that work for you and the Vajra Volunteers, and we’ll then come and help. The finer details of helping can be worked out from there - it needn’t be a complicated thing and is really simply a way of connecting more in the Sangha with one another. Because we’re volunteers there’s no cost, though please consider making a donation to the Buddhist Centre if you wish.

I hope to hear from you soon. Go on, give us a go! The worst that can happen is that we’ll be really really friendly towards you
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