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Bristol exhibit Five-Buddha Mandala paintings

On Sun, 16 December, 2012 - 06:26
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Clare writes from Triratna’s Bristol Buddhist Centre with news of a remarkable exhibition of Buddhist paintings - the culmination of their autumn series on the ‘Five-Buddha Mandala’. She says - “We just hosted the last of our series of talks on the Five-Buddha Mandala. During the evening, Kumuda, a local Order Member and artist gave a talk about his two series of paintings of the Five-Buddha Mandala, discussing both the ‘male’ and ‘female’ Buddha images he has painted, both of which are currently on display in the Centre.

Kumuda says “In 2001 I was commissioned to paint the more traditional ‘male’ Five-Buddha Mandala and in 2003 I was commissioned to paint the corresponding five ‘female’ Buddhas, or Prajnas, representing their wisdom aspect. The Prajnas are normally seen as consorts to the Five-Buddha mandala, yet there is not much written on them in Tibetan Buddhism and they have not been drawn out as clearly as the male figures. However, they have always been an important part of the Five Buddha Mandala. I studied each of them in turn and painted them one at a time, whilst at the same time meditating and reflecting on their personal aspects and individual qualities.”

The Female Buddha images were inspired by Vessantara’s book “The Five Female Buddhas” (available from Windhorse Publications) and are modern yet beautiful interpretation of the Five Prajnas. These images are now available to purchase online as greetings cards or Fine Art prints and a percentage of the profits from each sale will be donated to the Bristol Buddhist Centre in order to help them promote the Dharma.

You can see the images, read more about them and order them online at With metta, Clare”
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