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The Big Sangha Gathering of the Year is Coming Up!

Posted by jnanarakshita on Wed, 21 March, 2012 - 10:44
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Vajragupta from the Triratna Development Team writes:

“Bookings are coming in for the 2012 Triratna International Retreat, taking place at Taraloka from 1st to 5th June. More than 400 people will attend the event – making it the biggest gathering of the Triratna Buddhist Community (outside of India) this year. Come and be part of the magic and inspiration!

“The theme of the retreat is ‘Imagining the Buddha’, with talks from three well-known speakers:

* Dhammadinna will talk about Shakyamuni as the ‘richly endowed’ – the generous, abundant, golden, noble, aspect of the Buddha.

* The topic of Ratnaguna’s talk is intriguing: he will be trying to imagine the voice and the sound of the Buddha.

* Kamalashila will be re-imagining the mandala – linking the imagery and symbolism of the five-Buddha mandala back to the historical Buddha and the practices he taught.

“There will also be a choice of groups and workshops imagining the Buddha through chanting, studying traditional texts and stories of the Buddha, writing, meditating, and more. The retreat is suitable for anyone – whether it is your first retreat, or you are an old hand! The event is also family-friendly, with activities for children. If you’ve got family members who’ve not meditated before, there will be instruction available.”

Book using the brochures at Triratna Buddhist Centres, or online at: triratnainternationalretreat.org

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