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Arnhem Triratna moves into city centre

On Mon, 22 October, 2012 - 06:05
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Sobhanandi writes from the Dutch city of Arnhem, where the small Triratna Arnhem Buddhist Centre there has just moved - into the city centre! She says - “A few lines about the Arnhem Buddhist Centre for Triratna news. We just moved into new premises! After four years in the Rietgrachtstraat we had unexpectedly to leave that address on short notice. But we found a new place in the Spijkerstraat! We are now situated in the city centre, in an old quarter of the city. We rent a large room in a former textile factory that is in the process of being renovated as a neighbourhood centre and office space for young flexiworkers and others starting small businesses. The pictures show how the place looked before the decorating, as it is now, and the opening shrine.

The sangha was great in helping to move the centre furniture twice in three weeks and in decorating and furnishing the new centre space in just four days. I am very proud of our Sangha! We have now a separate shrine room and reception room and a real centre space for ourselves. Please come and visit us if you are ever in Arnhem.

With metta, Sobhanandi”
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