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Abhayaratna Trust publishes first newsletter, seeks Secretary

On Sun, 1 July, 2012 - 06:35
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Satyadakini writes with news of the first on-line newsletter produced by Triratna’s Abhayaratna Trust, now out - and an opportunity for a member of the Order to become their part-time Company Secretary. Abhayaratna, a UK charity, aims to be a resource for Triratna Buddhist Order Members in need, especially needs arising from poverty or hardship in old age. Over the past 3 years it has made over £15,000 available to 26 Order Members worldwide, often so they were able to attend Triratna retreats and gatherings. It’s named after Dharmachari Abhayaratna, the first Order Member to leave a legacy for the benefit of the Order, which enabled the Trust to be established.

Click here for the Abhayaratna Trust Newsletter and details of the job vacancy. Information about applying to the Trust is here (there will be a second funding allocation meeting later this year), and more information about how to give to the Trust, including their contact details, is here.
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