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Italian-speaking volunteers wanted for translation of Sangharakshita's work

On Tue, 4 September, 2018 - 12:08
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Val Cartei is a mitra training for ordination in Brighton, UK. She’s a published author in both English and Italian, now working with Triratna’s Translations Board.  She is now looking for some volunteers to help her with translating some of Sangharakshita’s writings into Italian:-

She writes: “I am looking for Italian speaking volunteers with proofreading and editing skills to help me produce high-quality translations into Italian of Sangharakshita’s works. I have so far translated The Noble Eightfold Path, Who is the Buddha? and What is the Dharma?.

I am looking for individuals to help me prepare these volumes for publication in the upcoming year.

You could get involved in various tasks, including: checking terminological accuracy and identify any factual discrepancies, checking spelling, grammar and reviewing style and layout.”

Please contact Valentina on val.cartei[at] if interested in helping!

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